Zane’s Story

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A Message from the Family of Sean Locklear

(Zane Locklear is the son of former Seahawks offensive lineman Sean Locklear and his wife Tiffany)

Sean&ZaneLocklear250_1116Zane was staying with his grandma in North Carolina when he ran off playing and found a way to access the pool (which is fenced, but accessible through a house door). He was found in the pool unconscious. A neighbor, who happened to be a nurse, responded to shouting and immediately started CPR. Paramedics and police arrived and continued to administer CPR, which continued until they arrived at the hospital. After approximately an hour they got his pulse back, which was the first hurdle. They conducted two CT scans and found a small amount water on the brain and eventually transferred him to UNC Chapel Hill Hospital by helicopter.

His temperature was quite low from the pool water, which is good in this bad situation as it keeps the swelling down in the brain. They kept this temperature low for the first couple days, and then progressively brought him back to a normal body temperature.

Zane came home from the hospital the first week of July and he is doing really well. He is sleeping better at night and getting a good nap in during the day as well. His doctor cut back on his secretions medication and he is tolerating it really well, which means his swallowing is improving. His temperature has stayed down and his tone isn’t as tight. He is getting back to his therapy schedule and hopefully we will see improvements there as well.

For being in this situation, we are holding together. Friends and family have gathered around us and given us the support that we desperately need. Many tears, hugs and moments help to continue to inspire us to hope. There are so many good things that are happening each day as Zane continues through his care. The hospital staff are all so caring and we feel bonded to them through all of this.

Zane is definitely a fighter! All the love he gets from his family and friends is definitely helping his recovery.

The thing we need the most now is your prayers. Pray for us, the doctors, and our loved ones as we try to keep on living in hope and confidence of God’s healing in Zane’s life. Above all though, pray for Zane. Say a little prayer for him to continue to fight strong through this. Thank you all. We love you more than you will ever know.

He rescues me unharmed from the battle waged against me, even though many oppose me.” – Psalm 55:18

Tribute donations for Zane can be made online through the CaringBridge organization.

Team Zane T-Shirts Now Available!

Team Zane shirts are now available to the general public. After a lot of coordination with the Seahawks, they have graciously printed a Team Zane shirt for us to help raise money for Zane’s therapy. Our goal is to raise enough money to cover his hyperbaric chamber therapy and then hopefully water therapy, neither of which are covered by insurance.

If you are interested in getting a t-shirt to support this specialized therapy for Zane’s recovery, now is the time! These shirts will be autographed by Sean Locklear, and have his name and number on the back. Please send your email orders to Mikaela O’Brien with sizes and quantities, and be sure to put “Team Zane Shirt Order” in the subject line.

We have youth XS-L and men’s S-3XL. We are asking for a suggested donation of $20 per shirt, plus a flat fee for shipping, if necessary.

The Seahawks arranged to have a booth at Touchdown City before the Sunday Night Football game against Arizona to spread the word about Zane and water safety, and to sell t-shirts for Team Zane. It was an awesome few hours and we really felt the love from Seahawk fans (and Sean’s former teammates, Jordan Babineaux and Marcus Trufant). They signed autographs to boost sales, and the response was amazing!

Thanks again for your support!