Green, Jacob

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Jersey: #79
College: Texas A&M
NFL Draft: 1980, 1st Round, 10th Pick
Years with Seahawks: 12 (1980-1992)

NFL Career as Player:
1980-1992 Seattle Seahawks
1992 San Francisco 49ers

Green holds the Seahawks team record for sacks with 97.5. He was a 2-time Pro Bowl selection (1986 & 1987), a 1st Team All-Pro (1983) and a 2nd Team All-Pro (1984). He also had 3 career interceptions with the Seahawks: his 1st in 1983 with a 73-yard touchdown return, his 2nd in 1985 with a 17-yard touchdown return, and his 3rd in 1991 with a 2-yard loss.