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Men’s Fashions by Gibran Hamdan

February 1, 2011 By Bill Boehlke Let's see... Armani, Versace... Hamdan? Former Seahawks quarterback (2005-06) Gibran Hamdan is now the budding men's fashion designer. Gibran's new company, Alial Fital (Ah-lee-all Fit-all ), was created in 2010 by the now retired player. Married to Jenny Grant, granddaughter of former NFL and CFL head coach Bud Grant, Gibran started experimenting with his then future wife’s sewing machine while spending his off-seasons in Minnesota. He learned to sew his own dress shirts and polos, and he also designed and sewed a one-of-a-kind dress for his wife. It wasn’t long before Gibran’s styles caught ...

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