Step Up for the Spitulski’s

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On January 2, Bob Spitulski (linebacker, 1992-1994) and his family were returning home from a family snow trip in the North Carolina mountains when they were involved in a 12-car collision in South Carolina. They were all sent to a nearby hospital with varying degrees of injuries.

Their oldest son, Bobby, endured the worst of it. He suffered a fractured skull and brain bleed which is now stable, but he’s in critical condition.

The youngest Spitulski, Mia, had a dislocated hip and sprained ankle. Nick, their middle son, sustained a serious concussion along with some neck pain. Mom, Carla, suffered a small tear in her carotid artery; and dad, Bob, sustained a painful back injury.

The healing will be lengthy and expensive, and you can step it up for them and help them heal. Click below for more information and to make your donation.