Seahawks Legends on Your Bookshelf

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Books by former pro athletes certainly make for interesting reading, featuring behind the scenes stories from the lockerroom, motivational forces while growing up, life in the spotlight, and so on. The category of Seahawks Legends in print features quite a few offerings from over the years, including players, coaches, and even a couple of team owners.

Some of these books are out of print, so your best bet to track down a copy would be online sources like Amazon and ebay. And a visit to a used bookstore or two could also yield some of these titles.

Former team owner John Nordstrom’s book, Mr. John: Football, Flying, and a Proud Family Legacy, was privately published in 2015 for family and friends, and is unavailable for purchase.

Here’s a comprehensive list of Seahawks Legends in print, featuring the book covers and the authors.


Shaun Alexander

Shaun Alexander

Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett

Edwin Bailey (co-author)

Brian Bosworth

Derrick Coleman

Rufus Crawford

Norm Evans

Norm Evans

Cyndy Feasel (Grant’s widow)

Byron Franklin

Clint Gresham

Greggory Johnson (Da’Mar)

Jeff Kemp

George Koonce

Warren Moon

Paul Moyer & Dave Wyman

Steve Raible

Ahmad Rashad

Eugene Robinson

Mack Strong

Paul Allen

Pete Carroll

Tom Flores

Chuck Knox

Steve Moore

John Nordstrom

Tony Covington

Ana & Curt Warner