RIP Former Head Trainer Jim Whitesel

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The Seahawks mourn the passing of former head team trainer Jim Whitesel, who died of cancer on August 9. He was 70.

Whitesel was an assistant trainer for the Seahawks over the first seven years of the team’s history before becoming the head trainer in 1983, a position he held through the 1998 season.

“It was a dream come true; it’s all I ever wanted to do as an athletic trainer is work at this level,” Whitesel recalled about his career with the Seahawks. “Everybody nurtures everybody to do a great job, and that’s how we learned to be as good as we are.”

He was inducted into the National Athletic Trainers Hall of Fame, and following the Seahawks went on to found Whitesel Pro Therapy in Kirkland, WA, where he worked for 16 years.

A local product, Whitesel attended Franklin Pierce High School in Parkland, WA, and went on to work as a student trainer at the University of Washington while also working toward undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Whitesel is survived by his wife, Sharron, three children and six grandchildren.

The inaugural 1976 Seahawks team.