NFL Legends Podcasts: NFL5Q

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Over the past few months the NFL Legends Community has been recording a podcast series entitled NFL5Q. Each episode features a panel of NFL Legends having an unscripted, open conversation about topics that are meaningful to the Legends Community.

Those listening feel like they are part of a locker room conversation. With Aeneas Williams as the host, NFL5Q creates a dialogue that’s raw and most importantly real.

The first two episodes are now available, and NFL5Q is now live on the NFL Legends Community website. Sign into the website and then click the microphone icon on the Resources bar.

NFL5Q is available to all Legends registered in the NFL Legends Community. A new episode will be released every two weeks. All NFL Legends are encouraged to listen, give feedback and pass this along to other NFL Legends.

The NFL Legends Community would appreciate it if you post this news in any social accounts you have that may be directed to Legends. NFL Legends is also open to suggestions and other topics as well.