Legends Check in on “96 CHECK”

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Seahawks Legend Walter Jones introduces the “96 CHECK” initiative for all his fellow NFL Legends.

The idea is to have NFL players and families check on one player that they have not talked to in a while on September 6 (9/6) each year, “to make sure all is good.”

“96 CHECK” is Walter’s way of paying homage to his late friend and teammate, Cortez Kennedy, who wore #96, while helping NFL players everywhere who may have gotten lost in the cracks. Cortez would always call Walter for no other reason than to “check on him.”

The initiative starts today, August 23, which is Kennedy’s birthday; and it’s a good time of the year right now – just before the NFL season kicks off.

For “96 CHECK,” all the alumni player has to do is check on one player, and then confirm their check with a post or tweet with the #96check and #nflbrotherhood hashtags.

Cortez Kennedy and Walter Jones