Justin Forsett Gets a New Baby Boy for Valentine’s Day

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Former Seahawks running back Justin Forsett (2008-2011) experienced a very close call after his wife went into labor in the couple’s car on Valentine’s Day. In fact, time became such a pressing issue that Forsett nearly had to deliver his own child while pulled over on the side of the road.

During a blizzard.

Zion Forsett

Zion Forsett

In the end, despite the frightening proposition of delivering his own child, everything worked out splendidly as the two ultimately made it to the “Birthing Center” where his wife Angela delivered the couple’s second child, named Zion.

Forsett and his wife had been en route to a Lauryn Hill concert in Washington, D.C., on Valentine’s Day when the couple’s second child decided to make a surprising early appearance.

The running back had sent out a message earlier Saturday via his official Twitter account asking folks what they had planned for Valentine’s Day. Later, he took to social media to provide an update how things went from easygoing to frantic in the matter of moments.

“Thought we were going to celebrate Valentine’s Day but ended up celebrating the birth of our 2nd baby boy! Welcome to the word Zion! Love u,” Forsett wrote on Twitter.

JustinForsett250_0217“My wife and I were headed to see Lauryn Hill in concert tonight,” he added. “We knew we were going to name our son Zion. Hill has a song called ‘To Zion’.”

Hill was performing in downtown Washington, D.C., which was in the path of a huge snowstorm that hit the area.

Forsett followed up those tweets with an extremely understated summation of his day.

“Crazy,” he wrote.

Their first son, Judah, turned 2 on Dec. 31.

Forsett now plays for the Baltimore Ravens, after stints with the Houston Texans (2012) and Jacksonville Jaguars (2013).

Justin & Angie Forsett

Justin & Angela Forsett