Grants & Funds


The Seahawks Legends Assistance Fund provides monetary grants to former players who are experiencing financial hardships. Application Form

The Seahawks Legends Assistance Fund is funded through player fine money.

To qualify, a player must be on the Seahawks’ “All-Time Roster.”

Application Process
• The Legend needs to fill out and submit the online grant application form.
• Only one request per Legend, per 12-month period, will be considered.
• First-time applicants will be preferred to repeat applicants.
• Requests for grants for medical purposes will be given priority.
• Funds will not be paid directly to the Legend. Checks will be issued to pay outstanding bills.
• The SLAF Board will have up to two weeks to approve or deny an application.
• In extreme circumstances (accidents, medical emergencies, etc.), the SLAF Board will make a determination within a couple of days.
• To apply for a monetary grant, please fill out the form.

NFL Alumni

The NFL Alumni’s mission is to service, assist and inform retired players in order to enrich your post-NFL lives. The Association offers a variety of medical, financial, educational, and social programs to keep members and their families healthy, productive and connected. NFL Alumni members are organized into chapters around the country, and with a history going back to 1967, the NFL Alumni’s fundraising efforts typically raise more than $1 million per year for charity. Founded in 1967, the National Football League Alumni Association is the most well-known and well-respected retired player organization comprised mainly of retired NFL players, coaches, professionals, cheerleaders, spouse and associate members. NFL Alumni website | Member Services: 877-258-6635 or

NFL Foundation

The NFL Foundation is the league’s nonprofit organization representing the 32 NFL clubs.  Its mission is to support the health, safety and wellness of athletes, youth football and the communities which support our game. The Foundation takes a comprehensive approach to expanding the league’s commitment to health and saftey beyond professional football. Grant programs provide funding for youth and high school football programs and leagues to get the resources they need to play a safer game. NFL Foundation | Grant Application Form

• Sports-related medical research and education grants. Player foundation grants in support of the philanthropic work of current & former players.
• Financial assistance to former NFL players in need.
• Youth health and fitness initiatives, including educational programs with national partners.
• Supplementing the charitable activities of the 32 NFL clubs.

NFL Player Engagement

The mission of Player Engagement is to have a positive impact on values and culture, while promoting the personal and professional growth of players and their families before, during, and beyond their NFL experience. Setting the Standard of Excellence and Service Clarity, Consistency, Credibility. It assists players in reaching their highest potential on and off the field with guidance, support, and resources provided before, during, and after their NFL playing experience. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



The NFL Player Care Foundation (PCF) is an independent organization dedicated to helping retired players improve their quality of life. Provides retired players assistance in two primary areas: financial assistance grants and the Healthy Body & Mind Screening Program. The Foundation is committed to improving its outreach and impact so that it may better serve retired players. Website & Application Form | 1-800-NFL-GOAL

NFL Life Line

The NFL Life Line is a free, confidential and independently operated resource that connects callers with trained counselors who can help individuals work through any personal or emotional crisis. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. NFL Lifeline website | 1-800-506-0078

The Trust

The Trust is designed to provide an ecosystem of support for former players, with an emphasis on overall health and successful transition from professional football. The Trust staff counsels players through a wellness plan across six primary pillars: Brain and Body, Career, Financial, Education Personal Interaction and Lifestyle. It is a set of resources and services designed to provide former players with the support, skills and tools to help ensure success in life after football.  The Trust website | 866-725-0063

Professional Athletes Foundation (PAF)

The PAF provides financial and medical support to any professional or amateur football player or his immediate family in times of crisis. These funds are intended to provide immediate assistance when players are faced with unusual financial or medical challenges that may call for temporary assistance.
PAF website | Tyrone Allen: 202-756-9166 or

Retired Players Association

The RPA was organized by former Minnesota Vikings Pro Bowl DE Carl Eller, and is dedicated to providing powerful national advocacy and collegial support for retired professional football players, their families and the community at large. The RPA’s specific area of focus is to raise awareness and funding in support of medical research in the areas of Alzheimer’s and ALS, particularly as it related to repeated head trauma. The RPA provides medical and financial assistance for members suffering from these illnesses. RPA website  | 952-923-7509



The Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund (GGAF) is a non-stock, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing financial grants and ‘pro bono’ medical assistance to retired NFL players in dire need. The organization focuses on the humanitarian side of post-football related issues, which include coordination of social services to retired players who are in need due to a variety of reasons including inadequate disability and/or pensions. The GGAF’s mission is to assist dire need retired NFL players who were pioneers of the game and who have greatly contributed to the NFL’s status as the most popular sport in America. Application Form



The Gene Upshaw Players Assistance Trust assists former players who are facing financial hardship due to unforeseen crisis, unaffordable medical situations and players who wish to go back to school to finish their undergraduate degrees. If you are a former NFL player and feel you meet the criteria to apply, take action and download the application today. Your opportunity awaits.  Application Form

Legends Community Lounge

The Legends Community Lounge is a free and private hospitality space open exclusively to current and former NFL players. It is a place for the greats who have played the game to relax and re-engage with other former players. The Lounge is hosted by NFL Legends Community Directors and Coordinators. The Lounge is now available at every major NFL calendar event where Legends will be in attendance (Scouting Combine, Draft, Kickoff, Homecoming, Pro Bowl and Super Bowl).

NFL Shop Discount

As a member of the Legends Community, Legends are entitled to exclusive offers and savings on NFL merchandise and products at NFL Shop by visiting and entering the promo code NFL30EMP247 upon checkout. The NFL Shop offers a huge selection of NFL gear from top quality brands, all in one convenient place. The Shop carries a large selection of officially licensed products from the top brands, as well as industry-leading customer service, shipping and return policies.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Legacy Card

As a registered member of the Legends Community, we will provide you with a Legacy Card. This lifetime pass would allow the card holder and his spouse and dependent children free lifetime admission to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.