Dennis Erickson Returns to Coaching

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Retirement doesn’t seem to be an option for former Seahawks head coach Dennis Erickson. The Alliance of American Football league this week named Erickson, 71, as the new head coach of the Salt Lake City franchise.

“I’ve been around the game of football my entire life. My father was a coach, I played the quarterback position through college, and, of course, I’ve been coaching for nearly 50 years,” Erickson said. “My passion for football and teaching the game has never wavered, and the Alliance is the perfect opportunity to get back on the sidelines and continue doing what I love.”

Erickson coached the Seahawks in the 1995-1998 seasons, compiling a 31-33 regular season record with no playoff appearances.

Salt Lake City is the fifth market to join the Alliance of American Football, along with Atlanta, Memphis, Orlando and Phoenix. The league, which was founded by television producer Charlie Ebersol and long-time NFL executive and Pro Football Hall of Fame member Bill Polian, will feature eight teams and begin its inaugural 10-week regular-season schedule the week after the Super Bowl in 2019, with a four-team playoff and a championship game scheduled for April 26-28, 2019.

“I’m excited to return to Salt Lake City as I have fond memories of my time with the University of Utah, where I saw first-hand the passion the city has for the game of football,” said Erickson. “The Alliance is about building a dynamic relationship between players, fans and the game, and I’m looking forward to Alliance Salt Lake being active in the community and competing for a championship.”

Erickson had retired in December, 2016, after serving as the co-offensive coordinator at the University of Utah.