Chester Pitts opens Carson Parke

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Former Seahawks guard Chester Pitts played nine seasons in the NFL – eight with the Houston Texans (2002-2009), and his final season with the Seahawks in 2010. Ever since, he’s been giving his time and effort to various charitable organizations in the Houston, Texas area.

Pitts’ latest endeavor is Carson Parke, a state-of-the-art residential treatment center for children and youth with emotional and behavioral problems, and who have been victims of human trafficking. He celebrated a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the facility on May 3, 2018, with over 100 people on hand, including family, friends, community leaders, and city of Houston and Texas political officials.

Pitts is known for breaking many barriers. From becoming a teenage father, to being drafted into the NFL by the Houston Texans after having never played football until college, he understands what it means to fight for a better life, and he understands how life can turn out when you have someone believe in you.

“The biggest change that I really want to see happen is I want to see improvement in foster care,” said Pitts. “I want the numbers of the pipeline to prison, I want the numbers of the kids that are in the system to find a way out of the system. I am looking to develop positive, young, contributing members of society, as opposed to what’s happening today.”

The name Carson Parke was adopted from his home town, Carson, California, where he was born and raised. Pitts grew up in a tough environment to succeed, but was blessed with supportive parents and teachers that encouraged him to take a different path.

Pitts and his wife, LaToya, have spent nearly $4 million dollars to create a beautiful facility to help change as many lives as they can.

“It’s easy to write a check, it’s another thing to go do something, said Pitts. “My wife and I cannot only financially help, but can also physically pull up our boot straps and help improve the lives of these children.”

The 70,000 square foot Carson Parke is a beautifully secured facility where the overall environment is to keep kids safe. The Pitts have partnered with some of the best professionals in the business to ensure that the children that come to live at Carson Parke will receive quality care.