A Visit with Ken Geddes

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As the top pick by the Seahawks in the 1976 NFL Expansion Draft, Ken Geddes was also the team’s first-ever pick, as the college draft came later. Geddes played linebacker for the Seahawks in the 1976-1978 seasons, following his 1970 rookie season with the Detroit Lions and five seasons (1971-1975) with the Los Angeles Rams. He had 3 career interceptions while with the Rams, and matched that total in the 1977 season with the Seahawks.

After retiring from the NFL, Geddes would go on to earn a master’s degree, and he became a counselor in Seattle’s middle schools — first at Whitman, then Aki Kurose. And it was at Aki Kurose where he re-teamed with former Seahawks teammate Ron Howard, who is the school’s assistant vice principal.

Geddes is now retired and is a proud grandfather.