A Visit with David Sims

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David was a running back for the Seahawks in the 1977-1979 seasons, and he led the NFL in touchdowns with 15 in 1978.  Sims racked up 19 rushing touchdowns with the Seahawks (5 in 1977, 14 in 1978), 4 receiving touchdowns (3 in 1977, 1 in 1978), and he also threw a touchdown pass to Steve Largent in a 1978 game against the Denver Broncos.

He suffered a career-ending injury three games into the 1979 season, having played in 29 games and rushing for 1,174 yards (752 in the 1978 season).

He was in Seattle on Sept. 10 & 11, 2016, for the “Patera Era Weekend,” along with a number of his former teammates.