A Special CD Offer from Craig Terrill

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November 22, 2011

A special message from Craig Terrill (Seahawks DT from 2004-2010) to all fans of great music:

“I am pleased to offer you our most exclusive and best deals of the year on my CDs… just in time for holiday shopping! All specials include UNBEATABLE prices, FREE personalization from me and FREE shipping!”


DEAL #1 (BEST DEAL)Order Here

$13.00 for 2-CD special (Normally $20 plus shipping)
You will receive BOTH of Craig Terrill Band’s CDs, Genuine and CT for JUST $13! This is an UNHEARD OF PRICE for these two albums!

DEAL #2 (Great Deal!)Order Here

$9.00 for Craig’s newest album, Genuine (normally $10 plus shipping)
You will receive one copy of Genuine for just $9! This deal includes FREE PERSONALIZATION and FREE SHIPPING!

DEAL #3 (Great Deal!)Order Here

$6.00 for Craig’s first album, CT (normally $10 plus shipping)
You will receive one copy of “CT” for just $6! This deal includes FREE PERSONALIZATION AND FREE SHIPPING!

CraigTerrill300_1123Craig’s music has been described as American Rock. He has performed on stage with Garth Brooks in Las Vegas and at The House of Blues in both Chicago and Orlando. He sang the National Anthem at a Seahawks playoff game in 2006 and at an Everett Hawks game in 2007, and he opened for Seal with Paul Allen’s band at the WAMU Theater in 2006. His music is influenced by Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Bob Seeger, Tom Petty, and others.

And the reviews are in:

CraigTerrill300_02_1123“This is a great CD! I ordered it as soon as I read about it. As a rugby player I always appreciate a guy who can sing because rugby players like to sing, especially after the game. As a football coach I appreciate a big guy who can do something artistic, and Craig Terrill is talented. As a person who enjoys good music, I really liked this CD.” -Mike Compton

“I like your style!” -Keith Carpenter

Check out Craig’s blog | Craig’s website

Craig Terrill surprises fans with a rocking sophomore album. His lyrical American rock album is filled with sentiment of family, faith, fatherhood, and football….with political undertones that reflect on the state of the world today.

Genre: Rock: Americana
Release Date: 2011

Classic rock sound with natural passion. A lot smoother than what you might expect from this former NFL defensive tackle. Craig wrote and sang all 12 songs on this album. His music and voice have been described as “a clean, wholesome Springsteen sound.”

Genre: Rock: Classic Rock
Release Date: 2007