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2017 NFL Boot Camp: Broadcasting II

NFL Boot Camp: Advanced Broadcasting allows those who have successfully completed NFL Boot Camp: Broadcasting to get back in the studio with top broadcasters for additional coaching and feedback on their technique.

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2017 NFL Boot Camp – Broadcasting

NFL Boot Camp: Broadcasting allows you to explore on-air job functions in television/media. With the help of accomplished professionals from the NFL's network partners, alumni & players will learn what life is like in the broadcast booth.

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NFL Player Care Foundation Update

The NFL Player Care Foundation (PCF) is proud to share with you its first video narrative featuring the important work the foundation is doing on behalf of our former players.  Thanks to the creativity and commitment of NFL Films, this video was created to improve our outreach.  With increased visibility, PCF can create more opportunities with more partners to improve the lives of those who contributed to the success of the NFL.     Since our inception in 2007, we have helped over 950 former players with over $12 million in financial grants. This video explains the story of the collaboration, growth, and compassion behind ...

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Warren Moon: the NFL Could Learn a Few Things from the CFL

  He’s a legend in both leagues, but Warren Moon says he’ll never turn his back on the one that gave him his start. Moon was in Regina, Saskatchewan, Thursday for the inaugural CFL Week, despite not having been in a CFL uniform since 1983. He said being in town for the event, and continuing to promote the league, is all about loyalty. “I’m never going to turn my back on the opportunity the CFL gave me because who knows where I end up if I don’t get this chance to come here and play,” he said. Moon was one of the first black quarterbacks to play in the league, and his success – including five straight Grey Cup champio...

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NFL Player Engagement Business Symposium Registration