2009 Alumni Weekend is a Winner

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The 2009 edition of Seahawks Alumni Weekend kicked off, or maybe more appropriately, rolled onward, at Lucky Strike Bowling in Bellevue on Saturday, Sept. 12, as alumni gathered for fun and great food, and a rare gutter ball or two.

Sunday was the big get-together for everyone at Qwest Field for the regular season home-opener against the St. Louis Rams. A pre-game reception was followed by a trip onto the field for introductions of most of the alumni, each accompanied by a Sea Gal as they walked the red carpet.


Fans cheered as each name was announced: Mike Allen (Wide Receiver); Jon Borchardt (Guard); Blair Bush (Center); Dan Doornink (Fullback); Norm Evans (Tackle); Robert Hardy (Defensive Tackle); Dwayne Harper (Cornerback); Ron Howard (Tight End); Paul Johns (Wide Receiver); M.L. Johnson (Linebacker); Kerry Justin (Cornerback); Jeff Kemp (Quarterback); Art Kuehn (Center); Dana LeDuc (Strength & Conditioning Coach); Doug Long (Safety); Sam McCullum (Wide Receiver); Hugh McKinnis (Fullback); John McMakin (Tight End); Eddie McMillan (Cornerback); Charlie McShane (Linebacker); Alonzo Mitz (Defensive End); Bob Newton (Guard); Rusty Tillman (Special Teams Coach); Jeff West (Punter); and John Yarno (Center).

Also present, but involved in game broadcasting duties or operations were: Sam Adkins (Quarterback); Jacob Green (Defensive End); Brock Huard (Quarterback); Maurice Kelly (Safety); Will Lewis (Cornerback); Warren Moon (Quarterback); Paul Moyer (Safety); Steve Raible (Wide Receiver); and Dave Wyman (Linebacker).


Paul Johns sang the National Anthem, and Jacob Green did the honors of raising the 12 flag, and then getting the fans cheering for the opening kickoff. The Seahawks’ subsequent 28-0 win over the Rams was icing on the cake.

Eddie McMillan summed up the weekend best: “It’s always a great time to get out to alumni weekend, meet the fellas’ and bond a little bit, and share some stories of activities we were involved in in times gone past.”