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Voice that Filled Kingdome Came Straight from the Heart

May 9, 2007 Bill Scott started out as a vendor with a tray of beers and a voice that could fill the Kingdome. He ended up selling his enthusiasm to sports crowds across the country. He was "Bill the Beerman", a Seattle original who didn't need a uniform to work a crowd. Just his signature overalls, a jersey and perhaps a hat. Scott died Sunday morning at home in Seattle of cardiac arrest. He was 58. He had been diagnosed with colon cancer more than five years ago. Scott is a part of Seattle's sports history. Someone who not only had a finger on the pulse of a crowd but also knew how to pump that heartbeat full of enthusiasm. He ...

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Dennis Erickson is Happy at Arizona State

May 9, 2007 For nearly 25 years, Dennis Erickson has approached his career the same way that he teaches his quarterbacks to approach the line of scrimmage: See what's before you and make the best call. The rest will take care of itself. "I guess the plus or the minus of my career is that I just kind of played on the day and the time and the season and never worried about the next week much," Erickson said. That's the thing. The most complicated part of Erickson is his résumé. He is a titan in his sport without a titan's ego. As he walked out of his office at Arizona State recently, wearing the Official Erickson Office Garb - golf ...

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